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Dragon Boat Festival: Community Forum

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Dragon Boat Festival Gathering by NACWA & CCCAV

Dragon Boat時間:      2014年6月6日星期五下午2-4點
Date & Time: 2-4 pm Friday, 6 June, 2014

地點:      維多利亞理工大學12樓會議廳
Location:   Level 12, 300 Flinders St, Melbourne 3000

議 程  –   AGENDA

  1. 會長胡玫致歡迎辭 – Welcome Speech by President May Hu

  2. 嘉賓致辭  -Speeches of VIPs

  3. 全國婦女會愛麗絲泉中期會議匯報 – 胡 玫  – Report on Mid-Term Conference of National Council of Women of Australia (NCWA) in Alice Spring –President May Hu

  4. 全國婦女會中期會議青年圓桌會議概況 – 王一方  -Report on Round Table Meeting by UN Association of Australia at Mid-Term Conference of NCWA – Yvette Wang

  5. 謝馮惠珍博士介紹澳華全國婦女會新網站(王一方協助翻譯) – NACWA’s Website development – Dr Chan Cheah

  6. 澳華社區議會維州協會主席蔣天麟致謝辭 – Speech by Stanley Chiang, President of CCCAV, Partnership of NACWA

  7. 老年照顧及服務講座(王一方協助翻譯)- Aged Care and Services – CCCAV


Refreshment and sticky rice dumplings are provided.

Dragon Boat Dumplings

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