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Johnny Zhang, seen here receiving his Civic and Citizenship Award National Council of Women of Victoria, presented by Sarah Morgan, NCW Vic Youth Adviser, and Ms Pam Hammond (NCWV). He was the only male contributor at the ‘My Vote My Voice’ Celebration at the Parliament of Victoria in March 2014. Arriving in Australia six years ago as an international students, he spoke as an active member of the National Union of Students. His work has been for the welfare of International students. He has helped provide a voice of ten thousands of international students. He said that he knew the significance of voting and speaking out your voice, especially for young girls, that is why he was pleased to participate in the and to invite more young female students to join the ‘My Vote My Voice’ Celebration.

The  2015 ‘My Vote My Voice’ Parliament event will be held on Wednesday, March 25. Johnny Zhang’s experience is telling us it is not just an event, it is the opportunity for young people to learn, to experience and to involve. Once you found the power of voting and voice could change your life, you would value the opportunity. (From Yvette W.)

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