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Beijing Platform for Action

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The Beijing Platform for Action (1995) (BPFA) is a commitment, made by the governments gathered in Beijing, to dedicate themselves to addressing the constraints and obstacle preventing the further advancement and empowerment of women all over the world. To date in Australia many of the actions have been implemented, however there is still some way to go. The BPFA document identifies twelve critical areas for women.  Students at the Parliament on August 10th will speak about one of these issues, and one we are really focused on at the moment is Women’s experience of violence.

A. Women and poverty                                       B. Education and training of women

C. Women and health                                         D. Violence against women

E. Women and armed conflict                          F. Women and the economy

G.Women in power and decision-making

H. Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women

I. Human rights of women                                J. Women and the media

K. Women and the environment

L. The girl child (discrimination against and violation of the rights of girls)

Please check JERA International: for further information.


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