National Australian Chinese Women Association – Women Making A Difference

About Us

The National Australian Chinese Women Association (NACWA) is a registered affiliation of the National Council of Women of Victoria, a state chapter of the National Council of Women of Australia. Women-LogoIt was conceived on 4 November, 2012 in Melbourne. It operates as a non party-political and not for profit organisation whose objectives are driven by humanitarian and education interests.

Its inter-organisational structure is summarized as follows:

NACWA InterOrg Structure

Values & Advocacy Principles

We follow the values of the International Council of Women (ICW) which are summarized as follows:

Thought, Sympathy & PurposeWe, women of all Nations, in the conviction that the good of humanity will be best advanced by greater unity of thought, sympathy and purpose, and that an organised movement will serve to promote the highest good of the family and of the Nation, do hereby band ourselves together in a federation of women of all races, nations and creeds, to further the application of the Golden Rule to society, custom and law: Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you.”

Golden Rule

Our advocacy activities are part of ICW’s coordinated global collaboration networks, which aim at developing women’s personal, family and community well being locally and internationally. The governing principles that shape our advocacy vision  are aligned to those of the ICW – they foster:

  • International peace & justice
  • Capacity building for women as decision makers
  • Women’s human rights and rights for all people.

Shared Mission

NACWA’s mission is underpinned by its national and state parents’ humanitarian and educational objectives, which focuses at:

  1. Raising the awareness of women and girls to their rights and responsibilities as citizens;
  2. Encouraging all women to participate in all aspects of Australian community life.

NACWA Strategic Directions

Shared Objectives

The national and state women associations share common advocacy and development directions, which NACWA uses as objectives for guiding Sino Australian women to think globally and act locally to:

  1. Remove all discrimination against women and to promote the equal status of women and men in law and in fact
  1. Develop a national network of  women advocates
  1. Contribute to The Voice for women at national level addressing the issues and concerns of women
  1. Play an active role in adding to the development of policies and development
  1. Initiate and deliver projects, including fostering the advocacy goals and events of the International Council of Women and facilitate their  implementation and project management  in Australia and abroad
  1. Contribute to peaceful settlement of national disputes by arbitration, conciliation and mediation.

Shared Objectives

 By empowering Sino Australian women to learn and act collaboratively to achieve these shared objectives, NACWA believes that they will have greater propensity to:

  1. Be the unified voice for Sino Australian women locally, nationally and internationally;
  2. Integrate themselves, their families and communities into local Australian mainstream society and global networks;
  3. Become positive and decisive leaders, who are just as influential and successful as men, in political, community, economic, environmental sustainability and innovation accomplishments;
  4. Continuously engage in life learning and be well informed about about their rights, both in national and international contexts.


NACWA’s parent organisation (the National Council of Women of Victoria) is affiliated with the All-China Women’s Federation  and provides opportunities for China’s women to participate and develop advocacy skills and leadership capacity in Victorian activities, especially in NACWA activities. The All-China Women’s Federation is a women advocacy entity that aims to educate and skill China’s women to:

  • Appropriately balance their sovereign and global beliefs and propensities in addressing local and overseas Sino women’s rights, issues and development interests;
  • Effectively connect with the rest of the world to help foster global peace and humanitarian developments.

Membership Terms

membershipApplicants are preferred to be female permanent resident or Australian citizen, have good character and committed to actively support NACWA’s values and objectives. Their applications will be reviewed by NACWA committee for approval or otherwise. Membership is on an annual term and it is expected that members pay their membership fees on time each year.

Please contact Financial Officer Shen Tianxin 0412 281 589 , or Secretary Hu Yue 0425 696 440 or

 Office Contact Details:

Tel: (03) 9018 1723, Mobile: 0433 665 430

Address: 7 Leigh St, Huntingdale, Vic 3166, Australia.

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