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Website Contents

The views and opinions expressed in this website are  not advice on any matter, and must not be relied on as such. Some contents may also represent personal views of third party sources and does not necessarily reflect the views of the site or its commitment to a particular course of action.

NACWA does not guarantee and accepts no legal liability arising from or connected to the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any contents represented in this website. Readers are expected to exercise their own discretionary care and diligence, and make independent evaluations for their own use and purposes.

Links to Other Sites

NACWA does not necessarily sponsor, endorse, or approve of any contents and associated resources on linked websites, and does not hold responsibility for such materials, nor make any warranties or representations regarding the quality, accuracy, or currency of such materials. When referring to linked websites, readers are  to exercise their own care and diligence and to evaluate and decide each website’s respective legal notices and privacy practices.

Privacy, Protection & Security Clauses

NACWA is committed to maintaining the privacy of readers’ and contributors’ personal information that personally identifies them, such as  name, age, gender, home address and contact number. NACWA also does not rent, sell or distribute personal information collected from readers or contributors. However, in extreme circumstances, NACWA may disclose personal information when required or authorised by law, or in cases of necessity. In these extreme circumstances, MRI  reserves the right to disclose personal information at their own discretion and without contributors’ consent.

While NACWA takes reasonable steps to protect readers’ and contributors’ personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, alteration or illegal disclosure, be it make clear that readers and contributors recognise that the Internet is an insecure medium, and secured data transmission is not guaranteed, hence it is undertaken at one’s own risk

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